Learning Environment

Cypress School and is proud of its efforts in connecting with students as well as the culture of inclusion.  Students learn to love their teachers and learn to coexist in an environment of supporting each other.

What is Capturing Kids' Hearts
Capturing Kids' Hearts is a relationship building approach to discipline that creates self-managing groups.
 How does it work?
Teachers use the EXCEL model to communicate with students. Students create their own rules via a social contract. students hold each other accountable using "checks" and "fouls". An environment is created that emphasizes positivity through "good things" and affirmations".
The EXCEL model is used:
  • to build relationships
  • to build self-managing groups
  • to build safe classrooms and schools

EngageStudents are greeted at the door with a handshake, eye contact, and a sincere welcome.

X-ploreTeachers listen and attend to the personal, emotional, and academic needs of our students.

Communicate: Teachers communicate care as well as content.

Empower: Teachers empower students to gain the ability to "use and do" the things they have been taught.

Launch: Deals with how we "end and send" our students into the world. The purpose is to start our students on a course of action by ending our classes on a powerful note.

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