Cypress School’s 4th & 5th grade Afterschool GATE Club students, along with their parents and teacher Mrs. McKinley, traveled to San Jose this past weekend. For some of these students it was their first time to San Francisco!

They visited the San Jose Museum to participate in the Tech Challenge. The students studied about flight all year in preparation for this challenge event. The goal was to build planes and a launcher that would propel the planes 20 feet and around 2 obstacles. The students had a great time and learn a lot about flight, and how they could have improved on their design ideas.

Mrs. McKinley had her students read several books in prep for leaning about flight and how to build their planes. They read ‘Who were the Wright Brothers?’ by James Buckley Jr., ‘Explore Flight!’ by Anita Yasuda and ‘Flight’ by Kim Taylor. The student did many activities and experiments from the book ‘Flight: Hands on Science’, published by Portage and Main Press.

The teams kept a detailed log in their Engineering Journals about flight lessons learned, and documentation of their experiments and launches. They measured the flights using meter sticks in the school hallway. The students also participated recently at the ‘Young Eagles Flight Day’, which was hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association in Redding.

Congratulations to the ‘The Crazy Ninjas’ and ‘The Wright Squad’!

Website for The Tech Challenge 2016: